This is the letter from the Secretary of
the Interior offering to Zenock James
Morby the job of Forest Ranger in 1898
which I do not believe he ever
accepted........Robert L. Morby
James Zenock Morby   
Sex:  M  

Birth:   13 Apr 1857
Granby, New York, New York  
Death:   8 Feb 1939  
Coalville, Summit, Utah  
Burial:   13 Feb 1939
Coalville, Summit, Utah
Olive Thursia Annie Peterson
or  Olof Thorum Johnson
Her Second Marriage

1st Marriage  William Marion Johnson Sr
Emma Elizabeth Morby

Born: 1906
Died: Dec. 30, 1995
Married: Kenneth B Johnson
Born: March 1 1910
Died: Dec 3 1967
Date: 29 Jul 1934
Children: Gary, Carol
Ward Morby
Born:  29 Mar 1904
Place:  Coalville, Summit, Ut   
Died:  20 Jul 1975  
Spouse:Leah W. Morby
B: 12 Sept 1905

Children: Marilyn Morby, Beverly
Morby, Ward Dean Morby, Robert
L. Morby
James M Morby

Born:  5 Jul 1909  
Place:  Coalville, Summit, Ut   
Died:  21 Oct 1949   
Married: 22 Dec 1934   
Spouse: Pauline Carrigan

Children: Cynthia Gayle, James
Grant Morby
Born:  30 Nov 1900
Place:  Salt Lake City, Ut   
Died:  20 May 1981       
M: 30 July 1930
Spouse: Anita M
B: 1 June 1909 D: 25 May 1975
Children: James
George Tallon Morby

Born:  16 Dec 1901
Place:  Silver City, Juab, Ut   
Died:  3 Apr 1972
Place:  Coalville, Summit, Ut  
Souse: Eleanor
Children: John T
William Marion Jr
Chistopher (died as a baby)
David L
Zenock and Olive Morby's children. From Left to right: Dave Johnson, a child of Olive from
her first marriage, Ward Morby, my Dad, Emma Morby, Grant Morby, George Tallon
Morby. Not pictured here is James Morby the youngest son of Zenock and Olive Morby.
Emma Morby was the only daughter born to Zenock and Olive. George Tallon was the owner
of the Morby Store in Coalville, Utah..........Robert L Morby
From l to r Emma Morby Johnson, Ken Johnson,
Leah Morby, Ward Morby, Eleanor Morby and Tal
Morby. Some of Morby inlaws spending time togeher.
I always enjoyed these get togethers.....
Robert L Morby
My Dad, Ward Morby and his younger
Sister Emma Morby Johnson. They
were always the best of friends....
Robert L Morby