Soham Grammarians: Beechurst House
In The Time of the Morbey Family
Beechurst, built in 1900 by Charles Morbey. Beechurst was the finest house in Soham with
beautiful grounds, an arboretum and an orangery.
WILLIAM MORBEY, of the Suffolk
Charles Morbey made a fortune in the world of horse racing and was a substantial local landowner. On 8th April 1885, Charles Morbey
of The Moat House was married at St George’s, Bloomsbury, London to Annie Jugg the youngest daughter of the late William Jugg of
Soham. It was he who then built Beechurst as a family home in 1901. Beechurst wasn’t his only home in the area, he also owned
Brandon Hall in neighbouring Suffolk. Sadly in 1925 the Morbeys sold Beechurst at a cost of 4,100 to house the new Grammar School.
Beechurst was to replace the original Grammar School building in Churchgate Street. Addison House now became their home, which
was the former ‘gatehouse’ and an historic house in it’s own right. (See Addison House and the Calves Head Club).