Deanshanger, Northamptonshire, England * Randolph, Utah, USA
Reuben Norris was born 7 January 1850 in Deanshanger, Northamptonshire, England to William and Caroline Tirrell
Norris.  He was christened 21 January 1850 at Passenham with Deanshanger, Northamptonshire,England.  He was
baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1 January 1862 at the age of 11.
Wilford Woodruff and other missionaries came to their home and taught the family the gospel and they were
converted.  Caroline was baptized in May 1851 at the age of 25 by Samuel Reid.  William was baptized 30 July 1850 at
the age of 30.    
They had nine children.  Five of the children died in England, Alfred James, Elizabeth Mary, Heber Willard, Joseph,
and Lavinia.   It was hard leaving them to come to America.
On 5 May 1866 the family set sail on the ship Caroline”which had 389 saints aboard.  The leader of the company was
Samuel H. Hill. The ship landed in New York 4 July 1866.   They crossed the plains with the John D. Holladay Company
outfitting at Wyoming, Nebraska, which was about 40 miles south of Omaha on the west bank of the Missouri River.  
They started the trek to the Salt Lake valley on 19 July 1866. There were 350 individual in the company and 69
wagons.  They had their four children with them,Walter age 20, Reuben age 16, Hyrum Job age 14,  and Emily Emeline
age 11.
The great thing about traveling to Utah Territory in 1866 was the fact that the captains of the companies were able to
send messages via telegraph so there was almost instant information given of where they were.  By 3rd July they were
at Fort Laramie. It was reported on 16th August they were at Cottonwood and the health of the company was good
and the stock was in good condition.  By 23rd August they were at Fort Mitchell.  It was reported on 19th September
that they had enough flour to last until Green River.
Green River was a sub-station where they would have more supplies for the companies coming west.  By 22nd
September they had reached the Weber River and had only to make it up and over Big Mountain then to the valley by
25 September 1866.
Shortly after they arrived in the valley, Brigham Young sent them to Morgan, Utah Territory to settle.  They farmed
the land and went to the canyon to get logs to build a house.  They endured many hardships while living in Morgan.  
The grasshoppers destroyed the crops so they had to live on fish and game.    They couldn’t get any grease to fry the
fish so Caroline tied them in a cloth and boiled them.  The boys worked on the railroad to help out the family income.
In 1870, they were called to settle Liberty, Idaho. They passed through Randolph on their way.  They stayed only a
year in Liberty then moved to Randolph in 1871.  Reuben married Elizabeth Given Brown on 4 March 1879 in
Randolph, Rich, Utah Territory.  He was 29 years old.  They were sealed 25 September 1879 in the Endowment House
in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah Territory.  Elizabeth was born 8 December 1859 in Glasgow,Lanark, Scotland to
James and Elizabeth Given Brown.  She was 19 when they were married.
They had thirteen children, six girls and seven boys, all born in Randolph, Rich,Utah.   Matilda was born 12 February
1880; James was born 12 December 1881; William Albert was born 22 September 1883; Levi was born 11 November
1885; Isabell was born 9 November 1887; John Alex was born 30 November 1889; Elizabeth Mary was born 6 January
1892; Ellen was born 29 December 1893; Reuben Henry was born 19 March 1896; Maude was born 28 September
1897; Benjamin was born 12 August 1899; Caroline was born 23 April 1901; and Alfred was born 22 April 1904.
Reuben died 6 April 1920 in Ogden, Weber, Utah at the age of 70 and was buried 9 April 1920 in Randolph, Rich,
Utah.  Elizabeth died 27 February 1931 at the age of 71 and was buried 1 March 1931 in Randolph,Rich, Utah.  They
were probably living with their daughter Ellen because she was the only one living in Ogden, Weber,Utah.