On a cold winter day in Feb. of 1912 on a cattle ranch just outside Mountain View Wyoming Nelda Enoch was born into the family of James and
Anna Hackman. The middle of seven other children she spent most of her younger years on the back of a horse, just where she knew she
belonged. When she was yet a young child her father passed away leaving her mother a widow with seven small children. Shortly later one of
Nelda's sisters, Vera, married at a young age and moved to Pocatello with her husband and tiny baby girl (Sybil). Nelda's mother Anna
remarried. Sadly, it was a tough marriage and when discovered her husband was trying to poison her and the children she fled with the kids
in the middle of the night to Pocatello, Idaho. There she and her 6 children lived with her daughter Vera and her little family until Anna's death.
This amazing young sister Vera and her husband, in the middle of the nation's worst depression, took in and raised two of their own along
with her 6 brothers and sisters until they were all grown. Nelda lived in Pocatello with Vera until she was 27 years old and her love for horses
never diminished. One day she was on a trail ride with a young man when they crossed paths with another young couple. As they passed the
other young man and Nelda chatted for a few minutes and that was that... love at first sight. She "never had eyes for another man" and
married Arthur Oscar Enoch. Art, a horse trainer, and Nelda had one son David who passed away with cancer at a young age. They remained
madly in love and at 68 years of life Art moved her to Salmon, Idaho where they built a home on Tower Creek. Three years later Art passed
away and Nelda remained in the home Art built for her until she was no longer able to live alone. She spent her last years as the adopted and
much much loved Grandma of her neighbors, the Englands. She passed away peacefully on December 9, 2012 and went to be with Jesus
where she will reside for eternity. She will be greatly missed... Nelda is survived by her two nieces she was raised with Sybil Lackmann and
Corrine Farrington and a nephew Norm Brown. At Nelda's request there will be no services, her ashes will be buried next to her beloved son
and husband in Salt Lake City. Arrangements are under the direction of the Jones & Casey Funeral Home of Salmon, Idaho.