Henry Haslam & Sarah Ann Rogerson
Bolton Le Moors,Lancashire & Salt Lake City, Utah
Thomas Rodgerson
Dorothy Bolton
M 27 APR 1814
Saint Mary, Bury, Lanchashire
Henry Haslam
Sarah Ann Rogerson
M  15 Dec 1842
Bolton Le
Richard Haslam
Madelaine Scire
M 2 JAN 1815
Montreal Quebec. Canada

Hannah Rogerson

Thomas Haslam

Elizabeth Ann Haslam
Samuel Haslam
Joseph Haslam
Margaret Catherine Duff
M 28 SEP 1868
St. Helens, Lancashire
Joseph Jackson
M 1864
Salt Lake City, Utah
Charlotte Elizabeth Holmes
M 13 Jul 1885
Samuel Haslam,
Joseph Jackson &
Thomas Haslam
Sarah Ann Haslam
Elizabeth Ann Haslam
Joseph Henry Haslam
1873-1873 •
Thomas James Haslam
1874-1875 ​
William Duff Haslam
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Henry Haslem
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Henry Haslam
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Henry Haslam's Early Church Record
Contributed By cupitwh · 19 November 2013 ·

The following was found in Bk 8, 1858-1864, St. Helens Branch, St. Helens, Lancashire, England, Library-Archives, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt
Lake City, Utah.

{p. 78)  12 June 1859)  "no (sic) by Elder Wm. B. Barton who stated that some of the saints in the district could not attend the meeting for want of clothes and others were as
cold as ever they were hot…"

(pp, 90-91 13 Nov 1859)  "Elder Wm. Smith and Priest Sherwood was appointed to see the rent agent about getting the room repaired and papered if they could, and if not, if
he would repair the outside to keep out the rain."

(pp. 98-99 4 March 1860)  "Council assembled….by singing hymn on 12…Proposed by Brother  Conliffe and seconded by Elder Samuels that we have a tea party on Saturday;,
March 17th, 1860.  Proposed and seconded that James Isherwood, James Lovel, Henry Haslam, James Sherwood, and John Partington form the committee for the tea party.

(pp. 1-8-109 22 July, 1869) "Council opened July22, 1860 by singing hymn on he 10h page….Proposed by Brother Samuel and seconded by Brother Mutch that Brother Haslam
be proposed to the office of a Priest. Carried."

(pp. 111-112  19 Aug 1860) "Council Meeting opened…by singing hymn on the 117th page….No. 3.  Brother Mutch said he scarcely knew how to represent his district, but
they was very indifferent and flat….Brother Slone then made some remarks showing the duty of a teacher.  Moved by Brother Sloane, seconded by Brother Molyneaux that
Brother Haslam be ordained to the office of a Priest…Moved by Brother Molyneaux that Brother Lovel and Brother Haslam go to Haydock to find out some of the saints
there.  The Council then adjourned till this day fortnight. Benediction by Brother Samuel.  Officers present: Elders 7, Priests 5, Teachers 1, Deacons 1."

(PP. 113-114) 2 Sep. 1860) "Council Meeting opened….by singing hymn on the 147th page.  Prayer by Brother Molyneaux.  Minutes of last Council was then read….Brother
Lovel said he had been to Haydock to find out some of the saints and them that they saw was feeling very low and thought they was cut off and they felt glad to hear they was
not cut off.  Brother Haslam bore testimony to Brother Lovels statement.  Moved by Brother Molyneaux, seconded by Brother Isherwood, that No. 2 and No. 4 districts be
joined together and Brother Lovel, Brother Haslam and Brother John Partington assist Brother John Smith in that district.  Carried….Brother Molyneaux then made some
remarks showing the necessity of paying tithing."

(pp. 114-115, 16 Sep.1869)  "Council Meeting opened….Districts was then called for…No. 2, Brother Haslam said he had been round the district and the saints waa desirous to
do their duty.  Brother Lowell bore testimony to Brother Haslam's statement.  N0. 3, Brother Mutch said Brother Wade was desirous to renew his covenant and his son,
Thomas, wanted to renew his covenant but Brother Hutch thought he was not fit yet as he was very wild."  

(pp. 115, 30 Sep. 1860) "Council Meeting opened by singing hymn on the 1st page.  Prayer by Brother Mutch.  Distircts was then called for: No. 1, Brother Isherwood said he
had been round his district and found the saints about as usual.  He said he and Brother Haslam had been to Warrington and had seen Brother Gilham and he felt desirous to
keep his standing…" (P. 116) "Moved by Brother Molyneaux, seconded by Brother Mutch that Wednesday night meeting commence at 7 o'clock.  Carried.  Council was then

(pp. 116-117), 14 Oct. 1860)  "Council Meeting opened….Districts was then called for….NO. 2, Brother Hasllam said he had been round his district and the saints was feeling
very good…."

(pp. 124-125, 17 Mar. 1861) "Council Meeting opened, March 17, by singing hymn on 1st page…The districts was then called for.  NO. 1 by Brother Sherwood who stated that
he had  found. that a great many of the saints were desirous to do their duty and some they had not seen.  Brother Haslam bore testimony to Brother Sherwood as
correct…Moved and seconded that Brothers Isherwood, Partington and Isaac Barton be released from attending to the Emigration Fund and that Brother Sherwood and
Brother Haslam collect it and that Peter Barton be treasurer for it.  Carried."

(P. 125, 31 Mar. 1861) "Council Meeting opened….by singing hymn on 39tth page….NO. 2, by Brother Smith who stated that he had been round and seen the saints and that
they was desire;us to do their duty with the exception of one of two.  Brother Haslam bore testimony to Brother Smith's statement as correct…"

(p. 128, 5 May 1861)  "Council Meeting opened…Moved that Brothers Smith, Haslam and John Garner attend to outdoor preaching at Rainhill, Farnworth and Woodend.  
Carried.  Moved and seconded that the brethren meet every Sunday morning at 10 o'clock for a prayer meeting.  Carried.  Moved and seconded that Brothers Haslam and
Sherwood be released from collecting monies. Carried.  Moved and seconded that the teachers collect Mission Fund and Emigration Fund.  Carried. A verse was then sung on
331 page.  Prayer by Brother Molyneaux.  Benediction by Brother Haslam.  Officers present: Elders 4 Priests 3, Teachers 1, Deacons 1."

(pp. 134=135. 1 Aug.  1861)  "Council Meeting opened…By singing hymn on the 9th page.  Prayer by Brother Isherwoodf….Moved and seconded that Brother Mutch be
released from the Book Agency.  Moved and seconded that Brother Haslam succeed Brother Mutch in the Book Agency,  Carried."

(p.137, 29 Sep. 1861) "Council Meeting opened….Moved and seconded that Brother Haslam have charge of looking after the room being cleaned. Carried."

(p. 138, 13 Oct. 1861) "Council Meeting opened….Brother Molyneaux then made some remarks on the way of paying the debts of the room followed by some of the brethren.  
Brother Íloan then made some remarks.  Moved and seconded that Brother Haslam lay down 2/-/-/- for a fortnight to pa the rent of the old room…"

(p.139, 17 Oct. 1861) "Council Meeting opened….Brother Molyneaux said that the saints at Billing was about the same as usual.  He said there was one thing had been
neglected and that was visiting the saints at Prescot and there was only one that had met him at Brother Haslam's.  Brother Haslam said that he desired to give up the Book
Agnecy, which was put off till next Council.  Moved and seconded that Brother Haslam see to their being a hundred weight of coal got into the room.  Carried."

()p. 144, 10 Jan. 1862)  "Council Meeting….Moved and seconded that Brothers Isherwood, Haslam, Lovel and Brown visit the saints at Billlings…Benedict6on by Brother

(P. 145, 2 Feb. 1862)  "Council Meeting…Brother Haslam said that he had been to billing and there was one not feeling so well and he thought they wanted stirring up a little.  
Brother Sherwood and Brother Molyneaux bore testimony to Broher Haslam's statement as correct…."

(P. 178, 30 Aug. 1863) "Council….Stated by Brother Smith…Brother Isherwood was working.  We did not see him nor Brother Haslam….."

(p. 186, 20 Dec. 1863) "Council assembled….propsed by Brother Andew Garner that Brother Thomas Haslam receive the Office of a Deacon by Brother Isherwood."

Note:  Officers in the branch through 4 March 1860 included Elder John Conliffe, President and Elders Joseph Mitchell and Wm. Barton, clerks.  On 22 July 1860 Officers
were Elder Edward Samuel, President and Deacon Issac Barton, Eldere John Molyneaux, President, and Isaac and Peter Barton, clerks.  Officers in 1863 were Elder Andrew
Garner, President and Priest James Sherwood, clerk.