Henry Chadburn Jr  *  Mary Dorinda Lloyd
Chadburn Ranch, Washington, Utah,

Henry Chadburn Jr

Mary Dorinda Lloyd
Marriage: 14 October 1874
Veyo, Washington, Utah,
John Henry Chadburn
Mary Morley
Capt. Robert Lewis Lloyd
Eliza Adeline Goheen
Mary Adeline Chadburn
Robert Henry Chadburn

John Lewis Chadburn
James William Chadburn

Benjamin Roe Chadburn

Andrew Mathew Gibbons
Marriage: <1891>
Pine Valley, Washington, UT

Dinah Ann Hunt
Marriage: 16 November 1898
St. George, Washington, Utah
Martha Angeline Hunt

Mabel Knell
Alice Elizabeth Holt
Marriage: 15 March 1904

Martha Elizabeth Hunt
Marriage: 16 October 1912
St. George, Washington, Utah
Fredrick Samuel Chadburn

Archie Morley Chadburn
Junius Wesley Chadburn

Isadora Chadburn

George Andrew Chadburn
Parthenia Holt
Harriet Riding BEACHAM
Bernice Chatterley Pendleton
Cleora Lovica Horsley

Clara Maria Holt
Marriage: 28 December 1910
St. George, Washington, Ut
Esther Maria Truman
Marriage: 21 Apr 1914
Washington Co., Utah
Lyman Lamond Woods
Marriage: 12 Oct 1914
Washington Co., Utah
Alta Sprague
Marriage: 6 March 1927
St. George, Washington, Utah
History of Henry Chadburn, Jr. by LaPrele Chadburn Graham
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Henry Chadburn was born 13 July 1849 at Old Radford, Nottinghamshire, England, the son of Henry Chadburn and Mary Morley.  He came to America on the
ship, Minnesota.  He had a sister, Sarah Ann, who married Thomas Taylor and they lived in Parowan, Iron County, Utah.  He got a job hauling logs, with an ox
team, to the saw mill.Grandfather went to Pioche, Nevada on the stage.  He was standing on the street in Pioche when a man shot a fellow across the way,
because he had threatened his life the night before.  Grandfather was so frightened that he walked all the way to Panaca, not waiting for the stage to come.  
Panaca at that time was called Bullionville.A man by the name of Brother Lee gave him a job cutting wood to earn his meal.  Then he made his way to Parowan
and walked all the way.  He was unable to locate any water and almost choked to death.  His tongue was swollen so badly that it wouldn’t stay in his mouth.  
When he got some water, he kept putting it on his tongue and it took the swelling out of it.The next town Grandpa went to was Iron Town.  He got a job there
as a molderman.  It was there he met and married Mary Dorinda Lloyd on 14 December 1874.  As time went on, they decided to buy a ranch that the Jeffrey’s
had for sale.  They thought it would be a good location for a home.  Mary Dorinda Lloyd’s father and mother were Robert Lewis Lloyd and Eliza Adeline
Goheen.  They lived in Washington, Utah.  They later moved to Pine Valley and helped Grandma and Grandpa clear the ground and fence some of the ground.  
Their home was made to be a stopping place for the travelers.  It was in a very good location for the stage coach line, mail line, and travelers of all kinds.  
They really had hard times.  Grandfather had a pair of buckskin pants and when they got wet they shrank.  He looked so tough that he told Grandmother that
if anyone came and asked for Henry to tell them “I’m away”.Grandfather would go hunting and fishing to get food to help with the living.  He had to work hard
to get the wood ready for winter, pile it all up and then cut it and put it under shelter so it would be dry for winter.  As time went by they were blessed with
eight sons and two daughters.  Indeed a lovely family.Grandmother loved to sing and as children grew, each one was given an instrument for a birthday.  My
father, Archie Morley Chadburn, tells about his mother and father giving him a guitar for his eighth birthday.  He would go outside and sit in the shade by a
large tree and practice until he learned another tune and then go and play it, as a surprise, to his parents.They needed a new home, so the nice red rocks were
hauled and fixed for the new home and it was made very nice.  It was a two story one and the yards were something to be proud of.  Nice fruit was raised to the
peddled to the people in Pioche, Panaca, Caliente, and may other nearby towns and to travelers.  He placed fruit in the fair and it brought grandfather honors
each year.  Chad was known by everyone as the sons that played for the dances, the sons that go fishing, and the sons that worked to till the soil.  He was
known for the lovely cattle that he raised.Then came the day when all were gone from home, except George.  He was their pride and joy, a wonderful violin
player.  He went to St. George to school and took music lessons.  He loved to play the piece, “Just Before the Battle, Mother”.  It was his mother’s favorite.
In October 1917 George had to go to war.  He told his mother, “I will only have to go for six months”.  She really felt bad and got sick.  The doctor came to
treat her, but she had quick pneumonia and died on 4 October 1917.  Grandpa Chadburn died 17 November 1917.Grandpa came to America for the wonderful
church they had joined.  He was baptized in England by Elder Clayton and confirmed by Elder Grimshaw.This couple was blessed.  They worked hard for what
they had and were really proud of their family.  Thanks to them and to my parents for what they have done for me.  Thanks to my Uncle George and Aunt Alta
and my Father for the part they have had in making this history.  Also I am thankful to my Mother and her posterity.