Ward Morby, my Dad with his bow tie
and 22 rifle. He loved to hunt and fish
so much....Robert L Morby
Ward Morby posing with the largest
Mule deer he ever killed. He took this
monster buck just west of Coalville,
Utah....Robert L Morby
This was the invoice for the Morby Brothers Saw
Mill.............Robert L Morby
Frank Morby (Son of James Morby, Grandson of
Moroni Morby) operating a dozer in the woods pulling
out timber for the mill. sometime in the early
50's.......... Don Morby
James Monroe Morby (son of
Moroni Morby) at Timberline
Lodge Mt Hood in 1959............
.....Don Morby
Henry Morby (son of Moroni Morby) on his
90th birthday...Don Morby
Pete Morby (son of James Morby, Grandson of Moroni
Morby)operating Dozer.
Part of the Morby tree that migrated to the Northwest to
work. Moroni came here in about 1889....Don Morby
Hard at work at the Morby Brothers Saw Mill high in the
Unita Mountains in northern Utah. Looks like it was quite
an operation for sure....Robert L Morby
Zenock James Morby cutting lumber which he did for many years. Always wore his
fedora.................Robert L Morby
This is the service station where my
parents Ward and Leah Welch Morby
made their living in Coalville, Utah.
Their operation expanded to include
several rental homes and two mobile
home parks. One of the best places to
grow up in the world....Robert L Morby
The Morby Store on Main Street of Coalville,
Utah. It was owned and operated by George
Tallon Morby and is wife Eleanor Morby. Lots
of great times spent in this store. Best penny
candy ever......Robert L Morby
This is the registered brand for David Morby even
though it shows his name as David Moorby. It was
registered on July 7, 1875. It was a rather simple brand
for cattle with the DM on the left shoulder ....
...Robert L Morby
This is the letter from the Secretary of
the Interior offering my Grandfather
Zenock James Morby the job of Forest
Ranger in 1898 which I do not believe
he ever accepted..Robert L Morby
All of James Morby (Son of Moroni) sons Left to right
Frank, Clyde, Pete, Robert, Larry, and Bud Morby
...picture taken at James Morby funeral 1960 ...Robert
is only one still left.....Don Morby
James Morby and his second wife Ida.....James
was named after his Great Grandfather James
(Davids Dad)...Don Morby
James Monroe Morby....My grandpa...in his favorite
chair which I have....he loved his pipe and smoked
prince albert in a can....Don Morby
The Upton School House... Found On Tom Perry's Collection BYU Site.... Mike Morby
Barbara Nichols Morby with her mother
Ellen White Nichols and her oldest
three boys - Zenos Elmo, Otto Leroy,
and Raymond Guy Morby. circa 1897.
Found on Family Search...Mike Morby
David and Emma's Marriage Certificate...Notice each made their mark with an X.
Happy Birthday to my
dad..Conard H. Morby born
September 10, l913 to born
Zenos E. and Ida Noama
Spriggs Morby, in Hoytsville
Caryl Morby Bigelow
Winter In Mill-A washington County, 1959/60  crew
opening culvert. Robert Morby is in the ditch in
background.....Don Morby
Old Washington Highway Department now
WSDOT on old Highway 8 (now SR14) my uncle
Bud Morby's crew (he is on the running board of
the truck in front...Don Morby
Ward Morby, my Dad with his huge
German Brown Trout caught in the
Weber River near Hoytsville, Utah.
It weighed over 16 pounds and was
the largest trout he ever
caught....Robert L Morby
Ward Morby, my Dad working at the Morby
Brother's Sawmill. Photograph was probably taken
about the early 1920's
Zenock and Olive Morby's children. From Left to right: Dave Johnson, a child
of Olive from her first marriage, Ward Morby, my Dad, Emma Morby, Grant
Morby, George Tallon Morby. Not pictured here is James Morby the youngest
son of Zenock and Olive Morby. Emma Morby was the only daughter born to
Zenock and Olive. George Tallon was the owner of the Morby Store in
Coalville, Utah...........Robert L. Morby
Picture of Jim Morby (son of Moroni) his second wife
Ida and their children. Robert, Larry, Clyde, Patsy,
and Rosy. Shirley was not there the day this picture
was taken.There was a significant age difference
between her and Grandpa Jim of 20+ years....Robert
Morby is my Dad and he is the man standing behind
the two girls. Rosy is the dark haired one and Patsy is
the other one. Clyde is the man in front next to the
girls..and Larry is in the back...Larry was born with
very poor eye sight and was legally blind but drove a
dump truck for a living!! Ida had about 1/4 Cherokee
Indian blood in her genes...
.....Don Morby
This is such a great picture to see Because Tal (George Tallon) is my
grandfather and everyone else there are my uncles and aunt and I grew up
around them. I miss them very much. My dad purchased Morby's Store from Tal
and Eleanor and I grew up in that area & I sure miss it. That era is gone forever.
Did you know that Tal added the name George later in life because he wanted to
have a a more distinguished name? My grandma Eleanor named my Dad
Talbert because she didn't know Tal was short for Tallon? I had so much fun
learning to hunt & fish from my grandpa and Ward, probably two of the greatest
sportsmen I believe ever lived.....Steve Morby
My grandmother- Ida Noama
Spriggs Morby, married Zenos E.
Morby .....
Caryl Morby Bigelow
The Lady in the Car is my Great Aunt Pearl (Morby) Peck. She is sitting in her
husband Wally's new car A Studebaker !! The lady on the Running board is My
Great Grandma Harriet (Morby) Clark (Moroni's wife)......
Don Morby
The man in White is My Grandpa James Monroe Morby
(the Son of Moroni Morby) the man next to him is Bill
(william) Morby his cousin from wyoming (my dad said Bill
was from Wyoming) I do not know who bills parents are
maybe you all know. If he is a cousin then his father Must
be a brother to Moroni Morby.... Don Morby

Alma's son William. He was married to Mary Ann Lake.
Lived in Evanston.....Mike Morby
My Dad Robert Morby sometime around
1930/31the dog in the background was named
"Watch"....Don Morby
This is a photo of "Ally Beal" he was a friend to
the Morby family and grew up in the Chenowith
area. He moved to portland area when he was an
adult but he loved to come visit on his new Indiean
motorcycle. the trip from portland took him about
3 hours because there were no freeways in 1941 so
he took the old highway on oregon side and it was
mostly gravel then. the kids are from left to right
(your left) Clyde Morby, Larry Morby, My Dad on
bike behind Ally, Patsy Morby, and Rosie Morby.....
                                 Don Morby
Jessie Seager and Medu Bilia another
old pic I found....Your Grandma Sadie
is in this pic....white dress black hair
....my Grandma Ida (sadies sister) is
next to her in stripped sweater....My
Grandpa Jim is the old guy in the back
The boys are Pete, Frank, Bud Morby
the Girl Mildred Morby and the little
girl is Shirley Morby... Don Morby
My Uncle Larry in 1966 at the Bingen
Eagles club !!....Don Morby
Photo of my father and 5 of his 6 sisters.
(Edna Morby Jones missing)
Their parents are Zenos Elmo Morby & Ida
Naomi Spriggs of Coalville Ut.
Conard H. Morby, Ruby Morby Orgill, Lela
Morby Bradley, Peg Morby Rawlins, Deane
Morby Thackeray, Ida May Morby
Trujillo....Always had such a great time
with them, I can still hear their laughter!
....Caryl Morby Bigelow‎
This is a photo of my Uncle Tal Morby
son of Zenock Morby and Olive Morby.
His full name is George Tallon Morby
and with his wife Eleanor Morby they
owned and operated the Morby
Department store located on the main
street of Coalville, Utah. I enjoyed lots
of fun times with Uncle Tal and his
Robert L Morby
Top Row l to r Marilyn Morby, Kay Johnson, Jay
Morby, Ward Dean Morby, Beverly Morby
Bottom row l to r Carol Loraine Johnson, Bobby
Morby(me) and Betty Jean Morby
......Robert L Morby
This photo was taken in front of my
boyhood home in Coalville, Utah. Those in
the photo are from l to r. Grant Morby,who
is holding my niece, Susan Dalton Dean
and Grant's wife Anita Gudauskas Morby.
Grant was the oldest son of Zenock and
Olive Morby. Photo was probably taken in
.......Robert L Morby
Photo of Olive Morby wife of Zenock
James Morby Photo probably taken
near Echo Dam near Coalville, Utah
.......Robert L  Morby